"The Movement Prescription (Rx) for your Desk Job."

Desk Rx’s main goal is to keep YOU out of pain while working a Desk Job. We spend 40+ hours sitting, and it is destroying our bodies. Desk Rx helps to educate individuals about proper posture, corrective exercises, and body mechanics to help keep you pain free. With Desk Rx, you can continue to run, bike, lift, climb, dance, and MOVE the way your heart desires.

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Desk Rx – “The Movement Prescription for your Desk Job”.


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Gina W.

“I know I’ve only been doing the exercises for a few days, but I’m already noticing¬† major changes in how my back feels! It’s amazing! When I got home from work last night, my muscles felt pretty sore, but I did the exercises and it was like magical relief! How did I not know about this sooner?!”

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Medical Disclaimer:

Desk Rx serves to increase your understanding of how your body moves, and to introduce more movement, exercises, and self-massage throughout your work day to help facilitate a healthy, mobile body with proper posture and mechanics. Desk Rx is not a medical doctor; if you have a medical condition or serious injury, it is advisable to follow the instructions provided by your Doctor, Surgeon, or Physical Therapist. Ask your medical provider permission before engaging in further activity.