Clayton T. Weakley, MS

My goal is to share with you how I overcame 10+ years of back pain while working a desk job, and help you become pain free as well!

Desk Rx is the solution to help you LEARN how your body works. Learn the inter-connectedness of muscles, fascial lines, and proper biomechanics. Desk Rx is a platform to educate your company on how to live better in the bodies you were all given.

Back Pain History

In high school, Clayton had suffered a lifting injury, resulting in a severely herniated disc in his lumbar spine. After completing Physical Therapy, Clayton continued to have on and off again back pain and spasms. Fast-forward to working a Desk Job, and more server symptoms began to arise: inability to sit for longer than 5 minutes, numbness down the legs, and shooting pain when lifting a leg to walk up a hill. Clayton had sought out further evaluation with an MRI and consulted with an Orthopedic specialist – surgery had been discussed as an option. This was the “Oh Sh*t” moment for Clayton. Following this news, it became his utmost priority to heal his back pain and avoid surgery. There were many components to healing his back pain – he completed Physical Therapy, Chiropractic care, ART (Active Release Technique), MAT (Muscular Activation Technique), acupuncture, massage, and Yoga. After over 10 years of back pain and research, Clayton has learned that all modalities of treatment can be beneficial, however, the treatments only works well if the individual works. Movement is required to heal. Sitting a Desk Job is the main culprit for recurring injuries. Desk Rx serves to bridge that gap for office staff  to have a more movement-filled lifestyle.

Clayton now enjoys a very active lifestyle of Rock Climbing, Hiking, and Yoga. In order to stay healthy, we need to move often. Incorporating simple movements and exercises throughout the entire workday are key to enjoying an active lifestyle without constant pain.


Clayton has been a student of his body for over 15 years. After receiving his Master’s Degree from The University of Pittsburgh, he has worked as a Health Coach Specialist for an insurance provider. Clayton specializes in behavior change focused on quitting smoking, nutrition, weight loss, exercise, and managing stress. Clayton has been teaching yoga for 2 years, and more recently, completed the Yoga Tune Up ® certification which focuses on deconstructed yoga poses to better learn the body and it’s natural biomechanics and function. Clayton is passionate about learning more about mobility, and sharing with others how to better move and better live in their body without pain.

Pain in the body is a signal that something isn’t working as it should. If we only treat the source of the pain, we will never address the cause of the pain.

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